Tears of Eros

Tears of Eros

Artist: Die Form
Label: Hyperium
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: MINI-CD39100632
Format: Maxi-CD

Notes & Commentary
All compositions produced by Bain Total / Ph. F. Composed and performed by Ph. Fichot / Die Form
Recorded during March & April 1992 at the Red Light Laboratory (France)

Photography & cover design : Ph. F.

Rubber equipment by Demask/Amsterdam.

Die Form are : Philippe Fichot & Éliane P.

"L'interdit engage à la transgression, sans laquelle l'action n'aurait pas eu la lueur mauvaise qui séduit. C'est la transgression de l'interdit qui envoûte." Georges Bataille/1961

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Vlkermord: Great Single
This is an exellent single. It has many great tracks. It's kind of hard to find, but worth it.
Dolmance 01: Absolutley amazing
It was one of the first CD`s from Die Form I ever bought. I was fascinated by the title because my favorite philosopher is Bataille. The best song on Tears of Eros is Transcode, one of my favourite tracks.