Trisol Music Group


Artists: Die Form, D.F. Sadist School, Ukiyo
Label: Trisol Music Group
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: TRI 021 CD + MET127
Format: Double CD

Notes & Commentary
Composed, performed, produced & recorded by Philippe Fichot/Die Form, between 1980 and 1997
Copyright Control Ph. Fichot ©+℗1998

Female voices : Éliane P., Katia B., Cécile K., Véronique P.

Photography & cover : Philippe Fichot
Models : Judith, Sophie, Ghislaine and Éliane

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phineas: Mmm..hmmm...
I think this is a very good quality collection of some of their best work. -Daniael-
Quasarcq: paleometamorphesis
One of the best contrasts of the range and scope of the Die Form sound. Some coasre and abrasive while some songs liquid and melodic. There is something here that will fit what ever mood I am in, or put me in another and create a new one.
Kalm: I had not yet begun to defile myself.
This was my first experience with Die Form. I was vaguely aware that something evil was happening. Like sleep in your eyes after being rudely awakened from dreamless sleep.