Matrix Cube


Artist: Die Form
Label: Matrix Cube
Released: 2003-Dec-01
Cat. No.: TRI196
Format: CD Single

Notes & Commentary
Zoopsia : hallucinations of visions taking the form of animals

Composed, performed and recorded by Philippe Fichot / Die Form

Female vocals: Éliane P.

Produced by Bain Total ℗2003 /

Copyright control: Philippe Fichot / All Rights Reserved

Photography and cover design: Ph. F.

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FlashBIOS: Un avant got de premire!
Excellent single! Moi qui avait hte du nouveaux matriels... je fus servi! Et quel video clip! :)
Vlkermord: Die Form is doing it again
A good single. Akuma video track also very good. If the single is this good, then the CD Inhuman is gonna be great!
darkamor: Alluring ....
After listening to the ZOOPSIA single, I am left in anticipation of the INHUMAN cd (I enjoyed the bonus video footage, I hope future Die Form releases contain further bonus videos). With each new Die Form release I obtain, it is another chapter from a book I look forward to devouring !
SCHLECHTER TEUFEL: Who waits obtains
Today, I finally bought Die Form`s new Cd: In Human. I may only sayIt`s wonderful. That`s how my life sounds. I hope I can find the single.
Akuma III: Best Single
By far my favourite Die Form single to date.