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Corpus Delicti
Parade Amoureuse

Corpus Delicti

Artist: Die Form
Label: Parade Amoureuse
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: PHOE017 CD + LP
Format: Compact Disc

Notes & Commentary
Produced by Bain Total/D.F. â„—1990
Composed and performed by Die Form

Mixed by RAYMAN.X at Red Light Laboratory during May-June 1990

Photography and cover design : Philippe F.

Philippe F. (concept, programming, lyrics, instruments & male vocals)

Éliane P. (female vocals, special assistance & dog instruction)

In total rupture with Photogrammes, CORPUS DELICTI, released in 1990 on a new label in limited vinyl and compact disc editions, wanted to be radical and subversive.
The techno-electro tendency tracks and the performances of this period, openly violent and shocking, contributed to make known DIE FORM to a larger audience. It is also the first participation of Éliane and tracks like Savage Logic and Slavesex became hits in the clubs of Germany in particular.
This reissue of CORPUS DELICTI includes many remixes and new versions, as well as an exclusive photograph.
"Perverse and subversive images, sado-masochist fascination of sexuality and death... Die Form exhibits the esthetic outrage oscillating on the boundary of interdicts."

En totale rupture avec Photogrammes, CORPUS DELICTI, sorti en 1990 sur un nouveau label en versions vinyle limité et compact disc, se voulait radical et subversif.
Les morceaux à tendance techno-électro et les performances de cette époque, ouvertement violentes et provocantes, ont contribués à faire connaître DIE FORM à un plus large public.
C’est aussi la première participation d’Éliane et des morceaux comme Savage Logic et Slavesex devinrent des hits dans les clubs d’Allemagne notamment.
Cette réédition de CORPUS DELICTI comprend de nombreux remixes et nouvelles versions, ainsi qu’une photographie inédite.
“Images perverses et subversives, fascination sado-masochiste de la sexualité et de la mort… Die Form expose l’outrage esthétique oscillant à la frontière des interdits.”