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Rose Au Coeur Violet

Rose Au Coeur Violet

Artist: Die Form
Label: Hyperium
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: MINI-CD39101082-26
Format: Maxi-CD

Notes & Commentary
Composed and performed by Philippe Fichot/Die Form ©+℗1994-Copyright Control
Recorded at Red Light Laboratory

Female vocals : Éliane P.

3 + 4 : from D.F. Sadist School forthcoming prod. "The Visionary Garden" / Side-Project 6

Cover design & photography : Philippe F.
Model : Betty B.

Title from Hans Bellmer in "Petite anatomie de l'inconscient physique ou l'anatomie de l'image"
[ed. E. Losfeld/Paris]

“Rose au cœur violet” is a homage to Hans Bellmer – it is the sequel to the anagram he wrote together with Nora Mitrani and Joë Bousquet…
The work is a journey through time and different styles, taken from the upcoming album “Suspiria de Profundis” (Cantique, Automat 994, Eclipse) and three remixes (Silent Order, Slavesex, Savage Logic).
The CD contains new photography and a geometric aesthetic which is inspired by the lines of the Bauhaus movement.