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Die Operative Maschine - ELEKTRODE

Die Operative Maschine - ELEKTRODE

Artist: Elektrode
Label: Hyperium
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: CD85921054
Format: Compact Disc

Notes & Commentary
Die Form Side-Project 4

Music composed and performed by Philippe Fichot
Produced by Bain Total / Philippe Fichot â„—1993

Artwork by Eugen Plan / Austria

Thanks to Eugen Plan, Theresia, Helmut Wolech and Electric-Waves Systems.

[standard CD + limited edition CD plus A4 prints]

Elektrode is the new project of Philippe Fichot, mastermind behind Die Form. This project shows his more experimental side, including mechanical and mental landscapes.
The drawings and paintings included in the booklet are from Eugen Plan, an artist living in Vienna, and are a facinating complement to the music. "Die Operative Maschine" takes a particular standpoint : teating medical experiments as torture and being against the segregation and exclusion.
The tracks inflict pain and violence as well as express beauty and poetry in the hope of reaction and to touch the audience to the depths of their soul, beyond the appearances.