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The Visionary Garden

The Visionary Garden

Artist: D.F. Sadist School
Label: Hyperium
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: CD3433-2
Format: Compact Disc

Notes & Commentary
D.F. Side-Project 6 / D.F. Sadist School

Composed, performed and recorded by Philippe Fichot/Die Form ℗1995 / Copyright Control

Cover design & photography : Ph. Fichot

The Visonary Garden Book was available through Bain Total (ARTWARE Editions)

"For students of the extreme this educational aid should not be missed. In this sixth side-project you will experience experimental chill out phases, as you learn the values of experimentation, and the importance of relaxation, after the rigors of the previous lessons...
Philippe Fichot, composer, performer, shows us once again how broad his musical talents are, with this latest effort he branches off into new areas, and shows a sensitivity for the atmospheric, which only proves him truly the headmaster in his field.
This audio collection is supplemented with a book of photographic works available at BAIN TOTAL and ARTWARE."