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Her(t)z Frequenz
Out Of Line

Her(t)z Frequenz

Label: Out Of Line
Released: 2008-Oct-03
Cat. No.: OUT OF LINE 313 CD
Format: CD Single

Notes & Commentary
“With their new single “Her(t)z Frequenz”, Die Form are now returning their concept art to the clubs. A driving beat builds the foundation for an energetic interplay between Fichots cold, electronically manipulated vocals and Eliane P.’s mesmerising, fairy-like melodies. The title track is a cunning combination of the catchiest grooves ever to be found on a Die-Form-release and the hypnotic interaction between coldness and emotions that has always been the unique trademark of this project. The b-side is a re-recorded version of the classic “Bite of God” which features new beats and more dominant female vocals and builds up to a magnificent rhythmic crescendo at the end – a stunning appetizer for the upcoming compilation of the group’s best tracks in newly recorded versions. The single is rounded off by exclusive remixes and alternative versions. With “Her(t)z Frequenz”, Die Form prove yet again that they are an absolutely unique act in today’s club scene and are bound to put an entire new generation under their spell.”