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Best Of XXX
Out Of Line

Best Of XXX

Label: Out Of Line
Released: 2008-Oct-31
Cat. No.: OUT OF LINE 319 3CD
Format: Digiboks CD

Notes & Commentary
“With a unique multimedia-based approach and intriguing sound design, legendary French art-Electro-project DIE FORM is a one-of-a-kind experience. To adequately celebrate three decades of their extraordinary and extreme art, Philippe F. and Éliane P. are releasing a very special box set, titled “BEST OF XXX”, which includes the most powerful and well-known rhythmic titles that have been the foundation for the creative duo’s continuing success. All of the timeless tracks have been completely reworked, rearranging and re-recording all the machines and original elements (sequencers, drum machines, analog- & digital synthesizers, samplers, tapes and effects) and Éliane’s vocals, using current state-of-the-art technology. Special care has been taken to leave the spirit and the force of the original recordings intact, while significantly improving the overall quality. This project is addressed to the connoisseurs as well as to a new audience eager to discover the exceptional sonic universe of DIE FORM. “BEST OF XXX” will be released as a double CD in a lavish leather box set, limited to 2000 copies and containing a bonus disc with rare and unreleased tracks plus a luxurious booklet with deluxe prints of the best photographic works from Philippe Fichot.”

Tracklist :
Disc 1 :
01. Bite Of God
02. Silent Order
03. Erotic Non Stop
04. Masochist
05. Chronovision
06. The Hidden Cage
07. Automatic Love
08. Slavesex
09. Telemat
10. Savage Logic

Disc 2 :
01. Martyrium (Memorial to H.)
02. Spiral
03. Rain Of Blood
04. Phenomena Of Visitation
05. Doctor X
06. Sonic Temple
07. Imagine
08. Chain Reaction
09. Diktat
10. Cantique

Disc 3 :
01. Relics
02. The Shadow Box
03. The Saw X
04. Stella
05. Glassphyxie
06. In The Depths Of Mania
07. Rosa Aeterna
08. Rain Of Blood 120