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Trisol Music Group


Label: Trisol Music Group
Released: 2008-Jan-25
Cat. No.: TRI 338 CD
Format: Digipack CD

Notes & Commentary
Contains 10-page foldout booklet with high gloss photos of the live performance at Werk II, Leipzig, plus a postal card, signed and dedicated on request.
Limited to 1999 handnumbered copies

After Laibach in 2006, Die Form was invited in 2007 to the Bach Fest in Leipzig to present a selection of J.-S. Bach's works (pieces) totally re-arranged in an audio-visual show.
Slipping gradually from murmur to noise, from the caress to chaos, once again in the search of a certain mystical form in the expression of desire and death, rummaging in the entrails and wandering in the labyrinth of the memory...
Die Form had already revisited and interpreted "Serenade" (used as a jingle for a TV broadcasting on CANAL+) and "Der Tod und das Mädchen" (on "Duality" album) of F. Schubert
13 tracks for computer, samplers, synthesizers, etherwave Theremin, vocoders, voice (Éliane P.), videos, dance & performances.
Timing 70'24.

Tracklist :
1. BWV 42-7 Am Abend Aber Desselbigen Sabbats (Church Cantata) 2:12
2. BWV 243-3-4 Magnificat: Quia Respexit & Omnes Generationes 4:25
3. BWV 1031 Sonata Nr 2 In Es-Dur 5:11
4. BWV 1002 Partita Nr 1 In B Moll 4:17
5. BWV 147-5 Bereite Dir Jesu Noch Itzo Die Bahn (Herz Und Mund) 4:26
6. BWV 1030 Sonata Nr 1 In H Moll 4:27
7. BWV 1004 Partita Nr 2 In D Moll 3:45
8. BWV 565 Toccata Nr 2 In D Moll 10:04
9. BWV 54-1 Aria: Widerstehe Doch Der Snde 5:55
10. BWV 29 Wir Danken Dir Gott Wir Danken Dir 4:16
11. BWV 209 2+3 Recitativ: Non Sa Che Sia Dolore & Aria: Parti Pur 7:27
12. BWV 4 Christ Lag In Todesbanden 7:09
13. BWV 244-39 Matthäus Passion - Aria: Erbarme Dich Mein Gott! 6:31