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Trisol Music Group

Rain of Blood
The Hidden Cage/Spiral


Artist: Die Form
Label: Trisol Music Group
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: TRI 004 CD
Format: CD (Box Set)

Notes & Commentary
Composed, performed and recorded by Philippe Fichot / Die Form in 1997

Female voices by Éliane P.

Acoustic viola and violin by Franck Dematteis on 1,2,3,4,7,9,10,12,13
Female voices by Mutsumi Oku on 8,11
I.L.P.System experimented on 11
12 : F. Schubert / M. Claudius.

Concept, design & photography : Ph. Fichot
Models : Eliane P. and Gabrielle K.
Raku mask by Dominique Bajard.

Thanks to Robert B., Alex and the beasts (Köln), Peter and Clarissa (Manoir de Prévasy)

“Beyond the pitfall of appearances, a revelator of obscure passions which must remain indescribable.
In the album DUALITY the images of passion are superimposed with those of tragedy.
A memory of times past, ephemeral and compulsive beauty : behind the masks
appear other masks and the questions remain unanswered.
Abnormal structure upon which a mechanical dimension is added to the sensuality
of the female voices and melodies.
An underlying lyrical tragedy of old fashion emanations emphasized by the viola.
The colour and grain of the sound emphasizes, reveals the electronic breath of the machines mixed with natural sounds : still-lives offered to the sound of silence
or recollections of an evanescent beauty…”

“Révélateur des passions obscures dont une part doit demeurer indicible,
au-delà du piège des apparences.
Dans DUALITY, les images de la passion se superposent avec celles de la tragédie.
Mémoire du temps qui passe, beauté éphémère et compulsive : derrière les masques apparaissent d’autres masques et les questions restent sans réponses.
Constructions hors-normes où s’ajoute une dimension mécanique à la sensualité des voix féminines et des mélodies.
Drame lyrique sous-jacent aux effluves surannés que l’alto souligne.
Le grain du son, agrandi, révèle le souffle électronique des machines mêlé à des bruits enregistrés dans la nature : natures mortes offertes au silence ou souvenirs d’une beauté évanescente…”

“Verborgene Leidenschaften brechen auf, von denen ein Teil unausgesprochen bleiben muss, jenseits der Falle der Scheinwelt.
In DUALITY, werden tragische Impressionen von Bildern der Leidenschaft überlagert. Sinnbilder der Vergänglichkeit, der flüchtigen und zwingenden Schönheit :
hinter den Masken erscheinen andere Masken und Fragen bleiben ohne Antwort.
Komposition ausserhalb aller Normen, in der sich eine mechanische Dimension
zu der lebendigen Wärme der weiblichen Stimmen und der Melodien gesellt.
Im Innersten verborgen ein lyrisches Drama voll altmodischem Charme,
von der Altstimme zusätzlich betont.
In der enormen Tonfülle ist der elektronische Hauch der Maschinen ebenso spürbar wie Geräusche aus der Natur selbst : Stillleben, die der Stille geweiht sind,
oder Erinnerungen an eine schwindende Schönheit…”
(Ph. F. / 08.1997)

"Beyond the trap of appearances..."
Philippe Fichot and Eliane P., better known as DIE FORM, are back after an artistical two years� break they once again mix up their fans with a new album, a new show and a new label.
Philippe Fichot keeps to his resolution : without making any compromise to his artistical claim he drives forward his multimedia project and gives the music a more human touch by means of using classical instruments mixed with nature sounds and the guest participation of a real alto violonist ; as well as the elaboration of a new human interface called �I.L.P. System� (Interactive Loop Processor System) to manipulate in real-time samples loops and processors...
DIE FORM took their time to create the new album �because it is extremly well thought through and it required a maximum of time and energy.
This result of two years work on music and photography is DUALITY.
Once again the starting-point is emotion and the endeavour to advance into the core.
DUALITY is a lyrical drama which gives rise to a drama about the kind of beauty which is indescribable. Impressions of passion overlap tragic pictures.
DUALITY means symbols of transitoriness, of brief and urgent beauty which you long to catch and keep in order to never let it pass away again.
It is about the traps of appearances : behind the masks new masks appear and burning questions are kept without answer.
Of course DUALITY also touches the topics of love and death...� They absolutely succeed in doing that.
DUALITY is a composition outside standard in which a mechanical dimension exists close to the vivid warmth of Eliane's female voice. Hidden deep inside is a lyrical
drama full of antiquated charm, emphasized additionally through violins parts of Franck Dematteis. In the enormous abundance of sound, the electronic mist of machines is as sensible as natural sounds : still lives which are dedicated to silence or memories on a fading beauty.
For the next tour, on which the album DUALITY will be presented, DIE FORM will work with a new female dancer whose performance will be dominated
by poetic, erotic and dramatic components.

DUALITY is a limited, numbered 2000 pieces special edition in A5 sized box, including a 24 pages booklet designed with new photographies as well as a standard edition with a 12 pages booklet.

DUALITY is thoroughtly texts, male & female singing, classical violins and music for which the BPM-adaptor has been screwed up once again.
DUALITY is music for the ears, music for the eyes, music for the body and the spirit.
DUALITY is music for the SOUL.

Robert Baumanns (Prinz, Köln) & Philippe Fichot / Translation : Edna Zwicker / 10.1997