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Artist: Ukiyo
Label: Hyperium
Released: -0001-Nov-30
Cat. No.: CD3422-2
Format: Compact Disc

Notes & Commentary
D.F. Side-Project 5

Composed, performed and recorded
by Philippe Fichot/Die Form & Afumi Nakajima/Aube

Produced by Bain Total [P]1994
Copyright Control Philippe F./
Die Form Sadist School 1.994

In collaboration with Akifumi Nakajima [AUBE]
and Mutsumi Oku

1,2,3,5,7,9 composed and performed by Philippe Fichot

4,6,8 composed, mixed and recorded by Akifumi Nakajima

Female Voices : Mutsumi Oku

Photographies : Ph. Fichot
Model : Anne-Marie B. (Tokyo, 12/93)

After a travel to Japan and a collaboration between Philippe Fichot (Die Form) and Akifumi Nakajima (Aube), UKIYO is the new side-project from D.F. Sadist School. This project, born from an new friendship and a fascination for this other so far-away world, explores new landscapes of sound.
Besides the vocals of Mutsumi Oku, a lot of sounds have been recorded directly in Kyoto (in the gardens, the temples, the streets...) to create either meditative or noisy/bruitist compositions, form which emerge some fragile melodies and minimalist sequences. Personal transcriptions of contrasts where are mixed violence and extreme beauty, where remain ancestral traditions and where the time seems to speed up till naught.
Ukiyo was this floating world created for sensual pleasure...