Matrix Cube



Artist: Die Form
Label: Matrix Cube
Released: 2004-Mar-26
Cat. No.: TRI 197 CD
Format: Compact Disc

Notes & Commentary
Composed, produced and recorded by Philippe Fichot / Die Form
Female vocals and arrangements : Éliane P.
Produced by Bain Total ℗2003
Copyright control : Philippe Fichot / All Rights Reserved
Photography and cover design : Ph. F.

“El sueño de la razon produce monstruos”
“Le sommeil de la raison engendre des monstres”
“The sleep of the reason generates monsters”
“Der Schlaf der Vernunft gebiert Ungeheuer”
“Il sonno della ragione genera mostri”

InHuman, first volet of a diptych which will be completed by ExHuman, marks an evolution, but also a renewal as far as tools, technique and composition are concerned. Éliane’s vocals hold a preponderant place as revealer of emotions, contrasting with the dark universe of images, the cruelty of some texts and the para-mechanical option of the electronic music.

Among other things, it is about the pact between the human and the animal, the agony of the soul, forbidden loves, murderous madness, the spirit of the forest, the sacrifice of nature…

The framework of this first part is nature, real or rebuilt, where the elements have been reorganized in order to get a new reality, invisible to the naked eye, bordering on the very essence of the being, “born of the consensual confrontation of love and death”.

InHuman… at the same time inhuman and within, inside the heart of the human.

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sexbyforce: INHUMAN
great sound on the song clips...cannot wait for the full length...
CarnalSins: Perfect
WOW!!!!! Perfect album!!! I must find a way to make those 55 days pass faster...
gregory: perfect as always
FlashBIOS: pur DieForm!
excellentes pices... que dire de plus? Die Form ne ternis pas! Un album couter sans cesse! :D
EcceCorMeum: Inhuman
Why am I not surprised to hear absolute beauty and perfection yet again? The only thing about knowing in advance about a waiting for it to be realesed. That will be difficult, but worth the wait. Thank you Philippe and Elaine for once again filling my heart with beautiful sounds.
DIE FORM Their music is so beautiful, depressing and complex, just as my deepest feelings it`s very unusual to find a group, whose music can express, in such magical melodies, everything that a dark and sad heart can keep. One of my greatest problems is that I live in Mexico City and here it`s a real problem to find DIE FORM`s CDs, so I have not had the oportunity to hear their new album (and many of the old ones), but I supose that its quality is more than excellent, just as allways.
djemptyx: InHuman
this will be a nice bday gift from me to myself, as my bday falls on 27. the beats and electro on this album are ext creative. this will be one of (if not) my fav df album, i can feel it. i will definitely play this at the club. forever thanking you
InHuman: I can't wait anymore!
I want it and I want it now!!!! Where can I order it?
AntiMusick: In The Depths of Mania
I want it now!!! Alright, I can wait for the cool packaging
DeSt-Cyr: Du Die Form qui dchire !
Il m'a fallu plusieurs coutes pour russir capter cette nouvelle approche. Maintenant, je suis dcid me procurer la version Box 1 et Vinyle de cet album. Vivement des pices en franais sur le prochain : ExHuman ! ( Eric St-Cyr - Montral (Qubec) )
narcoinsomno: This makes me happy.
I can not wait for the release of the album. The only reason it is receiving a four is I would like to hear the entire album before it receives a full upgrade. Also the photography looks like it has a nice array of images both natural and manipulated. I cannot wait to see the rest. Over all I am happy with samples that are given. ::: The beginning is Near :::
gusdf: great quality sound and music
i love that compositions and that personal way to sound, that's great.
KagedKitty: KagedKitty a.ka. EcceCorMeum
I am so impatient! I try to wait, but I am excited to purchase this new CD, and for the message boards to come up. I wish there wasn't so much censorship in America. We get twisted in a knot over a nipple that you can barely see because families are watching and yet it's okaye that their children see people being torn apart and shot at in films and video games. Such hypocracy! My point is, Philippe and Elaine are not free to express their art freely because Americans will be offended. I would rather see Die Form live on stage expressing something that means more than just exposing your is an expression of the soul. It is making people aware of their own beauty and reflecting on themselves what they hold dear. At least that's what I get from it.
ScathaOwSidhe: As always
i can not wait...
Lost Memories: Duality
I am in love with the sound of the few albums that I have, I think of Die Form as something inspiring and so beautiful, also really great band for showing us that death an pain is not to be feared but expected as part of a total pleasure and real comitment with our other half, may this one be our partner in life or our inner secret self. I wish I could get more of their music in original format I love the Long Plays ,still due to the technology I accept them on a c.d.
Fucking Pig: ???
Tendr que consegurmelo para saber que tan bueno es este disco.
olivier07041972: back to the dancefloor
j'ai achet inhuman en version collector a5, que dire de plus que cet album est un pur chef d'oeuvre, c'est un retour vers des sonorits dancefloors, aprs les experimentation des deux derniers albums, bref que du bonheur
Aphorismen: One of the best
My favourite album from ,,Die Form''- Iam happy that Iam a owner of one of the limited editions from this album. The A5 booklet is a love for my soul-very atmospheric dark pictures-and the music comes from heart, I love-your work!
Erotic_Non_Stop: El mejor disco
Excelentsimo tabajo de Die Form!!!!!!!! Me encanta este disco!!!!! Muy bueno!!!
Everything I would expect from the erotic pioneers! The beat layouts,vocal harmonys, and chord progressions have evolved through the years! Beautiful, eerie, and yet sooooo addicting. I recommend this album to any new fans. Your devotion to the darkwave genre is untouchable! -In obedience, David R. Harris 06-06-04
Automat: Power Of The Pain
Incredible recording as usual, Hypnotic beats, beautiful voices, What else can I say, It's Wonderful... Thanks Die Form
phatbaby888: mY iNrOdUcTiOn tO dIe FoRM
One song and I am a Die Form junkee...from now on my lifes purpose is to find any thing Die Form!
Diluna: Envoutante...
J'ai dcouvert Die Form dans le magazine D-Side, le talent et la richesse musicale se faisait dj sentir dans ces pistes bonus. InHuman est extraordinaire, mlodique, prenant, envoutant. Cet album est une porte ouverte sur un monde tnbreux et mlancolique... Bravo!